Watch user older transactions with streams


We are using the Moralis streams service. The service was paused automatically for some reason. While that happened, some transactions for some waallet addresses that we listen to were not sent to our webhook endpoint. Is there a way for us to have those transactions streamed?

Hi there, the stream can be paused if you reach your limit or if the webhook becomes unresponsive

If the failed ones are in the history you may still be able to replay them

However is they are not marked as failed you may not be able to recover those from history. Depending on which type of transaction were you listening to, you should still be able to get the previous ones using our wallet api

What value should i provider for the cursor? with this request (
i am getting an empty array in the result field

And how would i know if they were marked as failed? The stream was paused, but the webhook was not unresponsive

If the stream was paused your may not be able to recover the ones that should ve beed sent, since it was not listening to events while being paused. In this case i recommend using the api endpoints instead to get the previous transactions