Watch and sync complex event with tuples issue


I am using the watch and sync events
but in one event there is a tuple[] and i am unable to get events for this
please let me know how i can use tuple event in the watch and sync events

contract address: 0xD08168A83fA35643d65f23cbF16B7Dd4a999fB59
Event: event PlaceOrder(productDetail[] _productDetail, uint256 indexed orderId, uint256 totalAmount, uint256 totalPrice, address buyer, address seller, uint256 orderPrice);

Hello, can you post more info about that event sync?

It is easier to use the hash form for the topic in this case, and make sure that there are no names that start with _

I am using hash for that event now
But still not getting events

Not like that, you have to get that hash directly form an event from a block explorer. And you also have to edit the abi to remove that _

okay let me change the abi and then try again and get back to you soon

You don’t have to change the contract, only in the abi that you paste for that event sync

yes i did but nothing happens

can you point me to a transaction that emits that event in a block explorer?
also, can you paste the full abi? you can see here how to post code on forum: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to post code in the forum

you can also read this thread if you want to understand more about how it works:

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