Walletconnect not working correctly with Polygon

I’m authenticating the user via walletconnect on Polygon network and enabled web3 option as well.

	useEffect(() => {
		if (isAuthenticated && !isWeb3Enabled) {
				provider: "walletconnect",
				chainId: 137,
	}, [isAuthenticated, isWeb3Enabled]);

But while fetching the tokens and native balance its returning from ETH network ( ETH native balance and its erc20 tokens ).

	const {
	} = useNativeBalance({

While connecting via wallet connect I choose polygon network in mobile and then scan but still this doesn’t seem to be working correctly.
And if I ignore these and try to proceed with payment to another wallet then it would show insufficient balance.
Can anyone help me out, how can I query from the Polygon network instead of Ethereum.

I don’t know what it is the solution, what wallet did you use?

did you also try without scanning the code?

I don’t think that you need to provide providerUrl there.

I’m using metamask app for mobile.
providerUrl was just to try if it would work out for polygon mainnet.

How else can we connect with walletconnect other than scanning the qr code?

Also there is a number of repetitive network calls happening when connected via walletconnect, is this expected?

It should work by scanning that QR code too, but on mobile usually you have a list of wallets, you click on a wallet and then it opens that wallet on the phone.