WalletConnect Mobile not executing functions

I’m having serious problems getting functions to execute with metamask… I get a transaction id

bsc testnet

https://testnet.bscscan.com/tx/0x52c11a9bd402139e863711fb74170665bbb307b3778bdd8d565ce4a384378414 (if you don’t want to click the link)

but nothing is stored when I call a function to update the state of the contract.
The same function call works fine on browser using remix.

That transaction that you pasted is a transaction that creates a smart contract, and it looks like it created a smart contract without code. You have to deploy first the smart contract properly in order to be able to interact with that smart contract.

the same deployed contract works fine on desktop. I tried Iphone and Android metamask with mobile connect, the transaction was successful, but the function to store a struct doesn’t get executed.

Can you paste a link to a transaction that you say that it works fine on desktop on bscscan? I still don’t understand what is with that transaction that you pasted initially.

I’m calling this function in the contract,

    struct PROFILE{

        address user;
        uint256 power;
        uint256 powerMultiplier;
        uint256 slaps;
        uint256 sneaks;
        uint256 grabs;
        uint256 blocks;
        uint256 avatar;
        uint256 cover;
        uint256[] collection;
        uint256[] nfteas;
        uint256[] sells;
        uint256[] auctions;
        uint256 active;

    PROFILE[] internal profile;
    mapping(address=>PROFILE) public myProfile;
    function createProfile(uint256 avatar, uint256 cover) public returns(bool){
        require(!hasProfile[msg.sender],'profile already created');
        uint256[] memory collects;
        uint256[] memory nfteas;
        uint256[] memory sells;
        uint256[] memory auctions;
        PROFILE memory save = PROFILE({
          user: msg.sender,
          powerMultiplier: 0,
          power: 0,
          slaps: 0,
          grabs: 0,
          sneaks: 0,
          blocks: 0,
          avatar: avatar,
          cover: cover,
          collection: collects,
          nfteas: nfteas,
          sells: sells,
          auctions: auctions,
          active: 1            
          myProfile[msg.sender] = save;
          hasProfile[msg.sender] = true;
          return true;

The function isn’t executing on walletconnect with metamask mobile

This transaction that you pasted here with transaction hash 0xf1db6dfea11c92ec0655e20ecf960f1f892044c8e7b21f23d9da291f82b51262 it doesn’t look like a transaction that calls a contract function, it looks like the previous transaction that you pasted, this is a transaction that tries to deploy a smart contract but it deployed a smart contract with no code, and that looks to be all that this transaction did.
This is the smart contract that was created: https://testnet.bscscan.com/address/0x09bd8cf6e76924f3c081a6317033e5c37364db4e#code