Walletconnect keeps opening new tab

Hi, please my walletconnect keeps opening new tab or will redirect me to appstore to install metamask I already have. Please help

Are you trying this in mobile or browser?

Metamask in walletconnect looks for metamask mobile app, it does not work with metamask extension.

Please I’m so sorry for the late reply, I had issues with phone. Yes please I’m trying it in mobile.

Does the WalletConnect modal show up? What code are you using for WalletConnect?

Sorry for the late reply, yes the modal shows up…I’ll paste the code in a bit

async function authWalletConnect() {

    const user = authenticate({

      provider: "walletconnect",

      chainId: 56,

      mobileLinks: [








        "meet.one wallet",



        "cool wallet",







        "minerva wallet",


        "encrypted ink",

        "gnosis safe",





        "infinity wallet",

        "coinbase wallet"


      signingMessage: "",




please here’s the code

Can you try using WalletConnect with this demo to see if you are prompted to open your MetaMask app.

Thanks for replying, just tried it, it signed me in but took me off metamask app when I’m trying to sign in

Yes you will need to return to the browser or the MetaMask wallet manually (depending on which step you’re at).

Since this didn’t work with your app, which versions of the Moralis SDK / react-moralis / @walletconnect/web3-provider are you using?

Please how can I check for this?

You check your package.json file.

So sorry for the late reply, it’s v1.7.8

That WalletConnect version should be fine, maybe try a different one until you can get your app working similar to the demo. Which versions of the Moralis SDK and react-moralis are you using?