Walletconnect issue

Can anyone help?

I am using the standard walletconnect code:-

user = await Moralis.authenticate({provider: “walletconnect”, mobileLinks: [“metamask”,“trust”]})

When used on my mobile, to test it out, my wallet ‘pops up’ after being selected, which is good, but then after pressing [connect] in my wallet, the code then ‘pops up’ my dApp, which means I have to manually navigate back to my wallet to complete the ‘authenticate’ by pressing the [sign], then manually navigate back to my dApp.

This is obviously not how it should all operate.

Is there some code I am missing causing all this manual switching backwards and forwards I have to do, which is not ideal.

I am using wallet connect version 1.7.8

Is anyone else experiencing this same issue?

Surely there must be…

with what wallet did you test, with metamask or trust wallet? they both behave the same way?

How did you host your dapp, can i get a guide or something?
I want to even get to this stage you are now…

I used metamask. Is this normal behaviour? It doesn’t seem ideal!!!
I hosted my dApp using moralis server as detailed in the moralis documentation.