WalletConnect is not a constructor, react native

Today I cloned the project and installed it on my ios device. The app installed correctly but when I try to click on wallet login, i get an error as below


Am not using expo, only React native


Same here when tried to run on android.

Having the same issue

I am having this exact error using the react-native boilerplate… Anybody has found a fix?

Did you install everything with yarn? Did you make any other changes? And make sure these two exist in your package.json:

"@walletconnect/react-native-dapp": "1.6.6",
"@walletconnect/web3-provider": "^1.7.0",

Thanks for the response but those are already part of my package.json. So far I had to revert to a past commit to bypass this problem: Ethereum React Native Boilerplate Questions

Hopefully this will disappear with new releases :slight_smile: