Walletconnect API on IOS mobile web

I use the API to connect with WalletConnect. On desktop, if works great. But on mobile (IOS web Safari) it triggers the pop-up, signs ok in the metamask app (which is the wallet I user), but when I go back to the browser, it doesn’t confirm the connection as it does on desktop… I use your demo code from GitHub.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Here’s a link to the actual code:

Hey. Did you face any specific errors or it simply doesn’t work?

You could use this as reference for walletconnect API in the.mobile browser.

I did not get any errors, that I could see, on mobile. It’s just that nothing happens when I sign and go back to the browser. The pop-up is still there, and it’s not connected…

Can you test it at https://twapi.com/iwt.html on IOS mob web and see if it works for you?

Good video.
I just vanilla js, is there a place where I can try out / download the code in the video?


The link provided does not open.

And you can get access to the code under the description of the YouTube video.