Wallet synchronization


I read in a documentation article that I can synchronize a wallet and that way I would be able to monitor the transactions of this wallet in real time, as well as the transaction history through the “BscTransaction” dashboard. But, when someone signs in the metamask through my server, apparently I can already see all this on my dashboard, even without configuring the synchronization of this wallet.

So, what is wallet synchronization really for? I saw no difference between synced and unsynchronized wallets.

does anyone know the answer?

when a user is logging in it is automatically added to that synchronisation (in nitro version by default last 50 transactions are synced).

the are also cases when you want to watch a smart contract address or other wallets that are not from your users, in that case you can add to sync any address that you need to be synced

Ah yes, I get it… This is great…

I saw in another post you commenting that this synchronization consumes a lot of server resources, and in this post you advised the user to turn off this synchronization. Does this automatic synchronization (my users) also consume a lot of resources? if yes, how do i turn it off?

does anyone know the answer?

we can turn it off for you, I think that in a server with coreservices it should not impart you too much, there you can also select how many transactions to sync per user historically

Where can I do this parameterization?

in EVM configurations, where you choose what chain to be included for that server, in the admin interface, it works only with new servers that are all Nitro version now

I found. Thank you very much.