Wallet Selection Menu


I’m hoping someone could help me out on this. So in attempting to connect to a wallet, what I have currently is something like this


It gives me the option to connect to the mobile wallets currently installed in my device. It works well but what I really want is something like this


Where I’m given the option to choose among a myriad of wallets. And also it would be nice if it would direct me to the app/playstore if I chose a wallet that’s not currently installed on my device.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could provide me a sample code so I could read up on this. Thanks!

The bottom image you’ve linked is WalletConnect, which will allow you to specify a list of supported wallets to connect with. You can see how to integrate it here with Moralis.

The top image is just your OS’s way of handling how to open links that don’t have a default app associated with it.