Wallet not supported.. why? (Routers mostly)

Hi, why exactly are Router addresses not supported? For example, using the endpoint to get transactions by wallet, and the address 0x3fC91A3afd70395Cd496C647d5a6CC9D4B2b7FAD, an error is returned “Wallet address is not supported”. Is this on purpose?

I believe Moralis shouldn’t make any custom decisions as to which wallets are supported and which aren’t, as long as we are willing to pay the CPU credits?!

Hi @test1001

May I know which endpoint you are using and the chain where you are testing the address?


https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2.2/0x3fc91a3afd70395cd496c647d5a6cc9d4b2b7fad?chain=eth (add your API key). I see most router contracts are blocked. This seems like a fixable technical bottleneck on your end. We’re using Covalent now, but would like to use Moralis in the future again.

Thanks for the details. Let me check this with the team and get back to you🙌

Hi @test1001

We have fix available for it. It seems like we block the wallets that has millions of transactions and router address is one of those.
Can you please provide more details on your usecase on why you might need all transactions from the routers and how you will be using it?

@johnversus Thank you. The point is, you shouldn’t block any wallets as long as users are willing to pay for the usage. If you’re infrastructure is able to query 1m txns from a address, it should be also able to query 17m txns from an address. If you’re a data provider, perhaps make all indexed data available (make it more expensive if necessary, but it should be available).

Why and how, these are irrelevant questions here. We’re paying for all requests. In fact we only want to get the last few thousand txns each day for the address. However currently we can’t query the address at all.

@johnversus any update? Thanks

We planned the release for this in the next couple of weeks.