Wallet connect not connecting

We are trying to connect wallet through wallet connect
Cloned react boilerplate and hosted it in some local server and we are trying to connect the wallet
Its opening wallet connect to the web and it’s not moving from there
For. eg: If I click metamask in wallet connect it opens metamask and stops there
and it’s not signing also

Similarly when used that react project as a web-view on our app wallet connect itself not opening throwing error like "the web page cannot be loaded " ERR_UNKOWN_URL_SCHEME

Hey @Karthi144, are you using it on the web or mobile browser? The Metamask authentication usually works by connecting to the Metamask Wallet Extension plugin in browser or in the case of mobile you can connect to it by using the Metamask Mobile Wallet’s in-app browser.

On the other hand, you can also connect your Metamask Mobile Wallet using WalletConnect, since it utilizes the WalletConnect protocol. To connect in browser, you need to scan the QR code, and in mobile, you should be prompted by several choices of WC your mobile, which in this case you can choose Metamask.

Hope this helps~

Tried in mobile browser its not moving after metamask
Its not asking connect also

Is it not possible with web view in unity???

I’m not very sure about that as I don’t develop with Unity, I thought you are connecting through a regular web app made out of Javascript, but seems like it is a game.

For that I recommend you ask you question here, where you can ask David (the unity dev) more about it.

I have the same problem: I use the walletconnect as provider, and I display the multiple options on a web page (mobile). But while it connects on desktop, it doesn’t connect on mobile. I get the request and sign in Metamask, but when I go back to the browser, nothing happens… It seems as if there is a callback missing from the metamask app to the page, if you see what I mean?

Full code at https://twapi.com/iwt.html

Looks like there is a github issue tracking this. Please thumbs it up! I’m having the same issue