Wallet Connect Contract transactions not working correctly

Hi. Im Implementing marketplace in Moralis. So basically I have to do Wallet Connect. Now Initial Auth works great as well as any approve transaction for my ERC-20 token. But the issue is any function which I call from my marketplace contract doesnt shows up on metamask via wallet connect. Desktop version is working wonderful. I saw all the answers regarding this but you have guys have shown code for ETH or ERC 20 transfers. How can I call my contract methods via Moralis or any thing else I should add in web3.eth to trigger Transactioins


    .sign(token23, dd)

    .then(async (res1) => {


This signature works in Desktop but not on Mobile.

Hi @ZainHasan

You can use Moralis.executefunction() for interacting with contracts.

Also take a look at Callbacks Promises Events for executefunction if you use WC