Wallet API is out of date

I’m having an issue with the wallet balance API (https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2.2/wallets/). When pulling from a wallet with a lot of coins on Polygon the results (balance in particular) for some of these coins is out of date by more than half an hour, all of the major coins work fine. The Symbols/Addresses of some of these coins are:


There are more and I’m happy to share the wallet address in a DM but don’t want to post it in public.

Let me know what can I can do to get this fixed.


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Now it seems al coins are failing to update in a timely manner. They do eventually update but it is now longer real time and takes 10 minutes or so.

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Hi @milbarge

I am assuming your report is related to the getWalletTokenBalances endpoint.

I tried checking a few token balances using the wallet from the most recent transactions and I was able to get the correct balance as expected.

So I think there could be a temporary delay in the balance update.

Can you please verify if you are still seeing the issue?

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