W3 Spotify clone additional functionality

I am a professor at UCLA and would like my students to use Moralis. I have a question about your interesting music blockchain “Spotify” player. Is it possible using it to:

1 - track and trace audio files, so the file’s owner knows how many times their track has been played - and therefore gets compensated properly?

2 - which means that my second question is about compensation. Can your smart contract include micro-payment (or fiat payment) details?

Put differently, this is a question of whether your app is: (1) designed to sell [i.e., part with] the NFTs or (2) to stream the files only. [i.e., keep them and monitor their usage].


David MacFadyen / UCLA


I have heard about this protocol named superfluid that can execute this. Using it you can programmatically do micropayment subscriptions and transfers on the blockchain.

I never tried it but, you can give it a read.

I am not sure about how to do track and trace on the blockchain.

Thanks, I’ll look into Superfluid and see if it’s easily compatible with Moralis. As for track-and-trace, a lot of that functionality overlaps with, say, supply chains (food to market, pharmaceuticals to patient, etc.). The difference, of course, is that those chains track the passage of assets between people en route to a destination and not the use of one “immobile” or archived asset––over and over––by different people. My main experience is with Hyperledger, so thanks for answering my noobie question in a new setting.

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I looked into Superfluid, but they interpret “stream” idiosyncratically - as a regular stream of payments attached to a subscription service, say. They don’t seem connected to to the concept of “stream” as payment-per-read (for the Moralis clone) or payment-per-listen (for the Spotify clone). Is there a reliable functionality, perhaps within an existing Moralis project, that’s able to handle that? Sending funds to the creator of an asset as/when the asset is accessed?

There’s no Moralis project that incorporates something like that.

Sending funds to the creator of an asset as/when the asset is accessed?

Where would these funds come from exactly?

Either subscription or from a tool like this: https://webmonetization.org/

…which uses this https://coil.com/