Visual Studio WPF(Desktop APP) C# Authentication

Hello, im developing a WPF (Windows Presentation Forms) application, also known as desktop application. This application is being developed to do some work on NFTs.

My problem here is I need a way to use Moralis SDK .NET + wallet connect so the user will do the authentication on application (desktop and not web) using QRCODE. I could do this authentication easly on web2.0, but since i will be using NFTs and ETH i want to use moralis server specially to live track and some automation process together

There are loads of example for web application, but I didnt found any example for a WPF desktop app.

If someone already did it would be nice to share how it could be done.


If you want the syncing features of Moralis servers, there will a Streams API released soon.

The problem here I need my users to authenticate on the desktop app that im creating

You could try authenticating with 2.0 or Auth API.

If you want to use Moralis servers, you can now self host them and there is also the Parse SDK.

I ended up using wallet connect sharp and then generated qrcode and it worked, however i wont be able to use moralis the same way is used on frontend

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