Very slow indexing of nfts for getNFTsForContract method

I use getNFTsForContract method extensively on polygon network and currently when I transfer or burn nfts this endpoint returns outdated data for a very long time. Is this know issue of indexer being really slow for polygon or this is only my case that syncing can take more then 10-20 minutes ? Can I rely on data returned from this endpoint in production ready app ?

Appreciate quick answer

Best Regards

It shouldn’t take 10-20 minutes. We had some problems last few days.

You noticed that 10-20 minutes delay today?

yup today, still couple nfts are in the response but I burned them more then 20 mins ago

If the problem persists for those nfts, I’ll need more info about them in order to be able to investigate.

currently problem disappeared, if it will be comming back I will post you. Thanks