Verify_email_success TEMPLATE

Hi guys, is there any way to improve the layout of this page?

+1 this page really spoils a good user experience!

The url is horrible, user is not familiar with and looks spammy.
The page cannot be styled.
Thereโ€™s not way to direct the user to your app.

Would be best for me if we could just add a redirect url so the user doesnโ€™t stay on this page but is automatically redirected to my app. Even better for me would be that I can handle it on my app side and the confirm link is on my app domain.

I know about this, can you also propose it on


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Good day. Is there a workaround to the Verification page? Iโ€™m having to apologise constantly to users who complain about the naming convention of the url and the inability to navigate back to the app.

Is there a way to access the User Account before itโ€™s verified? If yes, I can then at least verify the user manually.

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you can see the user info in the dashboard interface

Hi there. I meant programmatically via the SDK, so that I can send out my own Mail and create my own verification page.

you can use a cloud function programmatically to access and update the data from the database

Ok thanks for the feedback.