Vendor lock-in concerns

Dear Moralis Team,

Your offerering seems very promising and already quite amazing.

I’m concerned about the issue of vendor lock-in though, I don’t want to build on a product that is not / won’t be in some way available as FOSS / self-hosted or similar.

What are your plans regarding this?
What will the future of Moralis look like?

~Manu :wink:

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Hi Manu

Unfortunately there is no way to self host the backend atm.

We may allow that in the future.

If you are concerned - build prototype using Moralis and ensure your idea is good and users will use your dapp. Instead of building all infrastructure only to discover that users are not interested.

Good luck :raised_hands:

Good news! Could you estimate an ETA @ivan?

No ETA atm, we have a lot to finilize before we open source the moralis-server but its on the roadmap :star_struck:

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