Values, symbols and decimals of token not appearing on DEx

Token deployed on MainNet and linked to this nodeLink “” of Moralis. Yet we are unable to retrieve token value and it is displaying a null value , not even a decimal value.


That url is for your Speedy Node… it’s a JSON RPC interface for interacting with the blockchain. It allows you read info from the blockchain or broadcast transactions. It has no state, it’s just middleware for accessing the blockchain so nothing is “linked” to it. Hopefully that makes sense.

Having said that, please provide more information so we can better understand your problem.

  • You deployed a token? To which blockchain? What is it’s address?
  • What do you mean by token value? Price? Total Supply? Market Cap?
  • From where are you trying to get this value? From the contract? From a DEX? From a liquidity pool?

EDIT: OK the title mentions a DEX but, still need more details on what you’re trying to accomplish, and what errors your getting.