Using the Moralis Web3 API in

Hello everyone I am developing on

Bubble has an Api Connector plugin that allows you to connect various APIs to applications.

I wanted to connect Moralis to my application, but I had some problems that I do not know how to solve. Maybe someone will tell me here. My App will use NFT and I would like to get all the data through Moralis.

When I make a call to SearchNFTs - I get the data and everything is ok.

But when I want to do something else, like GetAllTokenIds, I get an error:

"There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 400
{“message”:“Invalid hex number”}"

It seems to me that I should make a POST call to send wallet data, but there is nothing in the documentation about this.

Please help me! I will be very grateful.


I’m glad you left this post trying to figure out a way to connect Moralist to Bubble.
It’s quite a basic question, but can we as a bubble developer make use of Moralis SDK?
Do I have to use API connector instead of the Moralis SDK?

I could signin to my bubble page with Moralist SDK. But I have no idea how to convert the JSON files into bubble things. Will you point me to right direction?


Hi there! I don’t know what bubble is unfortunately

All moralis APIs are OpenAPI standard with Swagger specifications

If bubble supports that it should be easy to import

Yes, I could connect to Moralis API with the setting below.
Bubble has huge no-coder community where almost any apps could be built including Dapps.

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In logic it can be work. I’m exploring bubble now and if I found a solution, will update here

It seems working for me but I’m happy you have tried it anyway.
You might find many web3 plugins in the bubble community.
But those are kind of limited in terms of versatility that Moralis has.

Hi @alfirus, @ivan

When I connect to nft/{address}/{token_id}/owners with Moralis API, I couldn’t display the metadata on bubble properly because that is a chunk of string.
Is there any way to receive it as an object so that the bubble API connector can read it correctly?

{"name":"Moralis Monastic","description":"Moralis Monastic","external_link":null,"image":"","animation_url":""}

Hi everyone, glad to find some people working with Bublle here. I was trying to create a plugin using Moralis but I can’t make the calls to Moralis.
Each time I try to call a function with parameters in brackets I have an error and the plugin wont compile.
Do you have any workaround ?