Using lazy minted NFTs with Rerible plugin on other markets

I’ve followed this tutorial and all looks great, i just have one question.
Can i use the token on Opensea? If i lazy mint using the Rarible pugin, probably it would be later minted on Rarible, i don’t know what happens under the hood of that plugin ( if you can provide a brief overview or send me to a source where i can read about that would be great ), but is it a problem for any other NFT marketplace for instance? if it’s lazy minted on Rarible should it be soled then on that specific place only?
Thank you

usually lazy minted it means that it is not on chain and only in an internal database for that specific platform.

you can lazy mint on OpenSea too, but I guess that it would be specific to OpenSea until it is on chain.

Thanks for that, helps a lot.
How do they know the hash upfront? and if the do know they probably implement some function that does everything the same as when you mint on the chain, but just without adding that to a block over there, can it be seen somewhere? how they obtain that hash

I don’t know the exact algorithm that they use, I think that they also have a modified version of the standard ERC721 or ERC1155 in order to be able to do that