useWeb3Transfer() - How to wait success status

Hello, I am new to Moralis and I can’t seem to find a way on how to check whether the transaction is Success or Completed on Blockchain.

I have this code snippet below on what I want to achieve

     const { fetch, error, isFetching } = useWeb3Transfer({
        amount: Moralis.Units.Token(0.1, 18),
        receiver: '0x7A16424328fDA0ecEA1DE692164F7D2995354d9c',
        type: 'erc20',
        contractAddress: '0x2d7882beDcbfDDce29Ba99965dd3cdF7fcB10A1e',

    const transfer = async () => {
        fetch().then(() => {
            // Do something - Save data on DB
            // I need to check first if the transaction is successful and not on pending status.

Good question. The onSuccess event won’t work for this because it happens well before the transaction is actually confirmed on-chain.

I agree. I tried both onComplete and onSuccess. Do you know any method to solve this problem boss?

Use the wait() method.


const transaction = await fetch({... 

await transaction.wait();

// logic
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It worked. I also find another way to do it.

   onSuccess: (tx) => tx.wait().then(() => {
       // Do something
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Hello @alex,

i tried to use this solution but got an error:

await (await DoTransaction.fetch()).wait();

// logic

Do you a way to correct it? I would like not to use “OnSuccess” paramaters, (i have multiple following functions to execute and so i don’t want to have a cascade of executions)

You do not want to wait for the transactions to finish? Or do you want to execute them simultaneously?

For normal wait usage, use:

const transaction = await fetch({... // or DoTransaction.fetch()

await transaction.wait();

You can post more of your code.

Hello @alex,

I would like to wait until the transaction is finished before executing other instructions.

The thing is, with

const transaction = await DoTransaction.fetch()
await transaction.wait();


await (await DoTransaction.fetch()).wait();

i got the following error message Object is of type 'unknown' in VScode


I’m pretty sure it’s related to the type Promise<unknown> in the fetch method, but i didn’t find a fix.

At the end:
-> when running npm run dev, it works, it waits until the transaction is completed.
-> nevertheless, it’s impossible to build with npm run build because of this error.

Can you try this workaround.

For your example:

const tx = await doBorrow.fetch() as unknown as TransactionResponse;


const tx = await doBorrow.fetch() as TransactionResponse;