useWeb3ExecuteFunction work fine on browser on PC but unknown method on browser mobile

I make a marketplace to buy NFT. Itโ€™s working fine on PC browser but on mobile it show unknown method and I can not confirm. I already set metamask on mobile at ganache network (can send and receive). I already authenticate with walletconnect and web3 is enabled also.

const contractProcessor = useWeb3ExecuteFunction();

const ops = {
                contractAddress: MARKETPLACE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS,
                functionName: "buyItem",
                abi: marketplaceContractAbi,
                params : {
                    id: params.uid
                msgValue: params.askingPrice
            await contractProcessor.fetch({
                params: ops,
                onSuccess: () => {
                onError: (error) => {
                console.log("error", error);

Could you help me check what I missing?

what is the part that doesnโ€™t work on mobile?
walletconnect may not work with local ganache, you could test from the internal browser from metamask application

you may need to use events to get some results from executeFunction, but it should make the transaction without using events too

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I can not confirm.
But you are right, walletconnect not work with local ganache. I change to ropsten network and it is working fine now.

Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.

It make the transaction without using events. But onSuccess and onError are not working on mobile.