Users problems BscTokenBalance [UNSOLVED]

I made a panel for investors to monitor the rewards coming from the token and some users authenticate and do not appear on the server and therefore do not carry the necessary information.

They appear as users but their token balances do not appear.

as it seems to me is not accessing the bsctokenbalance of all tokens that some users have for example a user has some unknown tokens and has $CAKE and only $CAKE appears.

I have the paid plan from the Moralis server.

Can you share your server url?
Is this a recent problem and it worked fine before?

I have no idea what happens, because some users show up the full list of tokens and others don’t, I released it this week for the community to test.

I really need help with this if someone can give me a way here I appreciate it.

Hi @mrkt2

Thank you for your patience.
Could you give us example user address?

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this address for example only loaded 3 out of 51 tokens that the person has

someone to help me? I’ve even emailed support.

Hi, @mrkt2, is this problem still present now?