User email verification without email login


I was wondering if it was possible to send a mail verification without having to switch to mail login ?
Moreover I would like to know if an email can be sent using a sendgrid template with the Moralis.Cloud.sendEmail function ?

Hey @SachaH

Take a look at:

Hey @Yomoo I did look at it before but after having done the configuration. I don’t see how I’m suppose to send a verification email manually without passing by user signup.

You can send emails to unregistered users.

But verification emails are for verification Users which have User object in your database.

Ok thanks for the information.

My goal was to allow to set his email later on and to verify it when he set it up but i guess that’s not possible right now :wink:

Regarding my other question is it possible to send a sendgrid template to the moralis sendemail function ?