User data is not visible to moralis admin panel

I created a new server on the Riskeby test net
and use the Moralis js code to create a user account
when the user first logged into a “dashboard” already has lot of past data like NFTs and all
cause I use that account for my learnings so I used it a lot
hence it makes sense that Moralis fetch all the info about the “Account” from any chain it

But I just deleted all the data for a fresh start
after this, I did a lot of activities with the same account
here is a polygon link

But Moralis won’t show me anything

"So Test Net we choose while creating a server I use Riskeby " creates this because I uses Mumbai Testnet for all work

it may depend on what EVMs you selected on the new server, it will sync information only from the selected EVMs by default

ok I choose Rinkeby and Uses Mumbai test net for everyrhing
so I get data from mumbai

Now I try to get NFTs info like this videos

I don’t get it

Ok we need to
const options = { address: “XXXXXXXX”, chain: “mumbai” };
chain as well Ok Now I got data but need some way to see data in admin panel as well

if you worked on Mumbai, then you can have a server that has Mumbai network, or you can add your address to sync address, but you still need that EVM for your server

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