User Addresses are Lowercase

Hi guys,

I tried this and find out that the address returned by


the result is the string address that looks like my address, but all in lowercase!
what did I do wrong??
PS: this issue seems happened after I updated my server to v.0.0.248 (?)

This is expected behavior, all addresses in moralis are lowercase

Ethereum, BSC, Matic and other EVM-based systems have non-case sensitive addresses.

This makes it easier to create queries based on address as it doesn’t require creating a checksum address. Just be sure when comparing an address that comes from outside sources (like MetaMask or Etherscan), to convert it to lowercase first.

Thanks. So how do I get the my correct address ?

Lowercase address is correct.
Casing doesnt matter

Do you mean: When I call a method , for example to check to allowance from that Lowercased address: Will it gives the same result as of from Original address?

yes correct, i would recommend trying this for yourself and reading about how addresses in Ethereum work :raised_hands:

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Yeap… I got some errors regarding wrong allowance, thus I thought that was the problem… Thank you.

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ok feel free to create another thread about this, will close this one for now :raised_hands: