User account deletion

How can I delete user account with react-moralis?

If user ask me to delete their account, I need to delete all of personal info on Moralis database including wallet addresses.

I know I can do it from admin panel manually.

How can I do it programatically?

You could do it programmatically with a cloud function.

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well, if you have some kind of admin panel in your site,you can ask for the user (wallet addr or email e.t.c), you can maybe go there and input the wallet address or email and then you can make it so that it clears entires associated with the address or email (well this is only a suggestion ) it might not be the best was to do things

Hi @jabba
Check this out on how to remove object filed data (user account)

i suggest first try out of demo data to remove it and if you once remove data from moralis database it cannot be retrieved and gone forever hence try on dummy/demo data first

// After this, the ownerName field will be empty

// Saves the field deletion to the Moralis Cloud.
// If the object's field is an array, call save() after every unset() operation.;

Got it. Will do it. Thanks!

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