useNFTBalances Issue

We started to fix the testnets too. It could take some time.

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Thanks! I think I am seeing the same issue on Polygon Mainnet.
This contract is not synced as far as I can tell : 0x8EC82fa314DB771bedb0EFa70300be44c6818108

I tried the as well.
Happy to try things to help debug if helpful.

I have the same problems with react hook useNFTBalances() as well as with Moralis.Web3API.token.getAllTokenIds(options)

We are working to fix a problem now.

could you tell approximately how long it will take?

Can you check if it is better now?

It still doesnโ€™t work

2 days already still not working :cry:

I think I still see the same problem
For example:

get me this

  "message": "No metadata found! Try again later"

yes, it seems to be the same problem here too

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Will it be possible to fix it in the near future?

on what chain are you interested in particular? some chains work better now.

iโ€™m testing now on rinkeby

which networks are better to use now while you fix the rest?

A user said that it worked on rinkeby and mumbai.

Well, it doesnโ€™t work for me on Rinkeby. Might try to test Mumbai

I think I still have issues on Polygon Main

now we think that it should be fixed soon

YES! Polygon Main net is back up!

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Nice, mumbai testnet worked