Use of the compiler

Maybe I ask a silly question, but where do I use the solc command mentioned in the official documentation?
Directly as solidity code? I don’t think so.

You can use it in your terminal. If you’re using solcjs: ethereum/solc-js

ok, it is a javascript library not?. So it could be used in a project with react and ethers.js… not?

solc-js is a JS library seemingly, but solc is not for FE, it’s for compiling smart contracts

This is where the confusion comes to me. If I use Truffle or Ethers.js they have their own compiler. So this library is for compiling on local ganache networks?

by ethers.js you mean hardhat?

for truffle as far as I know it is a library that they use internally for compiling smart contracts under the hood, you just need to install solc if you need to manually change the solc version to a different one than what is given by your current version of truffle

sorry yes… and hardhat it have not?

Based on google, seems like it is also

I guess solc is just a tool for compiling, truffle and hardhat as a framework integrate them and streamline the workflow so it becomes intuitive to use for devs to build quickly

thanks @YosephKS for the info