Use Moralis Speedy nodes to detect new BSC contracts


I’m new to this, so I have a beginner’s question :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use a Speedy Node Moralis to browse new blocks and parse all transactions included in those blocks to detect new contract numbers.

If I understood correctly, when creating a new BSC contract, the creator performs a transaction on the BSC blockchain and therefore has to pay a fee.

Can we retrieve from the transactions the new tokens identifiers published on BSC?

I tried to look in a block explorer but I could not identify the transactions associated with the creation of a new contract nor the identifier of these new contracts.

Thanks in advance.

What you mean by:


Thank you for your answer.

Here is the result I am looking for.

On the attached screenshot, you have a contract opening transaction (annotated 2) and the new contract ID (annotated 1).

you are interested in any created contract, or only in contracts that are new tokens?

it looks like you can deterministically find out what will be the address of a new created smart contract:

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I am looking to detect only new contracts.

Great link, thanks a lot!

Do you know how to detect new contract creation transactions to determine the addresses of these contracts from the issuer?

It looks like you can check if an address is a contract or not:

you can use getcode function.
if the address is representing an External Owned Account you will get 0x as response otherwise you will get the contract's bytecodeode. for example :


and related to contract creation transactions, you could use a heuristic by the size of the transaction as the contract creation transactions also has to contain the contract code.

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I use, which is a project that keeps track of listings of new tokens in real time on all DEXs. Also analyzes + sorts fraudulent projects, taking into account the moment of significance.
You can add this package to the article)