URLs without 2053 port

Can I use Moralis backend system in our own servers?

If not so, How can I use server URLs without 2053 port number?

Although we have an upgraded plan now, what should we do to get over can’t-upload-files-to-ipfs-more-than-100MB problem?

Currently: We have upgraded plan and already a server which is in use with 2053 port numbered url.

you can not easily change that port number, maybe if you run your own proxy

for 100MB problem when uploading to IPFS, did you try it with an upgraded server and it still doesn’t work with 100MB?

you can not use moralis backend in your own servers now

I did upgrade, do I have to create new server to get advantage of the upgrade?
Hwo can you determine which server is the upgraded server?

I still need to use simple url without port number to be able to test public wide, how can we use a server without a port number?

what did you upgrade? there is a pro plan and also there is an upgrade for the server

when you upgrade the server you should be told what server was upgraded when you request that upgrade. upgrading a server is done only when you request it, most of the times by sending an email to [email protected]

I don’t understand why you need an url without port, usually, when you go to production, you use your own domain/hosting and you only use moralis server url for Moralis.start

I did PRO PLAN upgrade
I sent email to [email protected]
I required my server gets upgraded to

  • 300MB+/1file upload cap.
  • only 443/80 port number for cloud functions http requests insted of 2053
  • 100+ users