URI not populating in Moralis when minting

Hey guys,
Wondering if anyone can be of assistance. When I am minting tokens the URI is not going into the moralis DB. If I call the contract directly to get the URI it is correct, but shows as null in when calling moralis API.

If I call a resync request it gets the URI fine. But i don’t really want to have to run a resync every time I mint a token. Any suggestions

I am using the rinkeby testnet. It did work for the first 3 that I minted. But I have deployed another contract as I am just playing around and it’s still not working.

it returns the nfts properly for the new contract, only to token_uri and metadata missing?

Yeah it has only ever been been the token Uri returns null before a resync. Same with new and old contract

ok, it looks like multiple users are reporting some issues with metadata sync recently, we’ll investigate

Ok thank you. It has been doing it for me since Thursday I think.