Urgent Help Required to connect front end hosted on moralis with smart contracts deployed on polygon

I am Govind Luthra, tech developer at Edubuk

our website is hosted on Moralis here: https://rwwqvzq9zydg.usemoralis.com/

since last 2 weeks, we are facing an issue in linking the front end hosted on Moralis with the back end contracts deployed on Polygon

can someone please help us in getting the configuration right, we have tried everything that we could, but in vain

you may contact me at [email protected] or message me here

is there an error message? what is the problem? it worked before 2 weeks ago or you tried to make it work since 2 weeks ago?

We are not able to figure out the correct syntax for the same using moralis web3 api
We can show it to you on a quick call. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you

did you solve the problem by now?

no, can you guide us on call?

what is the problem that you have?