URGENT: Got a mail to pay for invoice but cant see it


i got a lot of mails saying that i need to pay for an invoice and that i can do it in the dashboard.
I dont see an invoice on the dashboard, also the card is still valid. I updated it now and still cant do anything.

Since we are on a custom plan i also cant just do anything in the dashboard…

Our services is down because of this as far as i can see…hope you can help us

We get this in the logs:
SYNC WALLETS: 401 Unauthorized: [{“message”:“API KEY is currently blocked”}]

Same for the endpoint to get membership

ok and the link in the mail is this one:

but gets redirected to: https://admin.moralis.io/servers

not sure if might help analyse

@thealexsachs Discord DMs :raised_hands:

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