Uploading GLTF or GLB Files

We are uploading GLTF and GLB files to our backend with Moralis, but when we download the files, it returns a smaller size file with the same extension and different name. For example, we upload: card-GITF.gltf with 6.0 MB When downloading it returns 3c2764a210ab5b7aaabe1038618c0771_card-GITF.gltf with 95 Bytes.

We are following this steps:

We tested the same feature with Parse server, and it returns the file as we upload it. Not sure what we are missing. It doesn’t give us an error log. The situation happens in both cases. Uploading the file through code or the dashboard.



Hi @hassping

I tried uploading files of different sizes through both code and dashboard and I got the same file sizes when downloaded.

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Have you tried with glb or glft?
Other file extensions work (zip, PNG, jpg, etc.) But these two aren’t working for us.

Can you try to upload them to IPFS?

I tried to upload .gltf files of size 19kb and 400kb and they were fine even after downloading. I couldn’t find any .glft files that are as big as 6.0MB.

Could you try with this file that is large enough.

what do you think about uploading the files to IPFS?

It works for small sized files, but our NFTs are averaging 70MB, so we need to store them in Moralis. The first collection is going to have 2500 items. We use IPFS as a backup, but for better UX we need Moralis

Don’t know the exact reason but I am also getting this issue with larger files.
Until this figured you can use IPFS for storage.

Thanks for trying! we have a workaround, not the prettiest but works :slight_smile: