Upload multiple JSON files but not all at once on IPFS using moralis

I want to create NFT’s . So i want all json files in directory (/ipfs/CID/1.json,2.json,3.json) but i dont want want to reveal them instantly thats why I will upload only that json files that i want to reveal instantly and then add json files in ipfs to reveal NFTs later.
I want to upload multiple json files on IPFS but not all at once . Moralis uploadFolder working fine but when it try to upload another .json file its parent hash is different.

Example :-

I upload 2 json file in /json folder then moralis upload folder returns me with


in this case CID is same and that what i want but when i upload another 3.json file it returns me with another CID

/ipfs/NEW CID/3.json

I don’t think that it is possible to do what you want to do with an IPFS folder

in theory you could update the base uri in your smart contract for all the .json files when you upload new files with a new CID, but that update of base uri may cause other problems like delays in processing the new base uri

But many other nfts using same approach

Are you sure they are using this approach with uploading files to an IPFS folder initially and later adding new files to that same IPFS folder?

Not 100 % Sure but i think so just have a look at https://opensea.io/collection/mebs-nft
Some of there nfts is not revealed yet and therefore their JSON files is also not there

this contract https://etherscan.io/token/0xbfdb0896baa83793f49f4e58dadb98e80372edfd seems to have 101 NFTs, can you give me an example of one of them that is not revealed yet?

and check tokenURI of 48

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it looks like I get this:

ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/QmeppWzCkhiQDC6wgJhc57cQAg4CMHpYRpckVQsYYicFq2/8197.json: no link named “8197.json” under QmeppWzCkhiQDC6wgJhc57cQAg4CMHpYRpckVQsYYicFq2

Yes because they have not uploaded it yet.

Once they upload it after refreshing metadata it will be revealed

Ok, strange, I don’t know how they can do that without changing the folder path

Do you have a solution for this?

I don’t know what happens there

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