Upload Moralis website to a "normal" domain

Hello. Have a created a project/website using Moralis. If I type in Moralis Application id and Server Url and upload to Moralis free server, it’s fine. But what if I wish to buy a normal domain and upload with Netlify(or any other hosting). For other, non-Moralis projects, I can upload my files to Github, then sync with Netlify. That’s all. If I do so with Moralis, will it work? Shall I still fill in the Moralis Application id but leave empty Server Url? Or how to do it? All I want is upload my website to a legit domain. Thx

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you can upload your website to your legit domain, you will have to use both server url and app id in your website code, it doesn’t matter where it is deployed or from where it runs

You mean still have to use App Id and Server Url that Moralis provides me?

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yes, for now you still have to use same server url and app id in your code

I see, thx, will try.

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It worked, awesome! thanks man!