Upload IPFS - rate limit exceed

Hello everyone, we are trying to call the /ipfs/uploadFolder endpoint with a free account. We have to uplload two files and we are receiving the error โ€œRate limit exceeded.โ€ but if we put a sleep of 1 second between the two calls the api works.

In the documentation is not very clear how moralis manage the rate limit based on the weight of the api.

So how much time we have to wait to upload two files? With a pro account we will face the same problems or the performance will be better?


You can do only one request per second with a fee account, you can do 2 requests per second with a pro account.

there is this endpoint in web3api interface https://admin.moralis.io/web3Api:

Returns the endpoint price list for rate limits and costs


    "endpoint": "uploadIPFSFolder",
    "price": 25,
    "rateLimitCost": 25

@cryptokid so the rameLimitCost is for second, right?

Yes, everything is per second now.

ok thank for your help