Upload IPFS - Invalid files or path are duplicated

Hello everyone, yesterday we faced the error “message”:“Invalid files or path are duplicated” calling the API /ipfs/uploadFolder with the same files used for previous tests as well but also with a new one.

Someone could explain why we received this error? Is something that appen frequently? Is a problem related only to free account or also to pro account?


That is something that should be fixed now.

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Hi, I’m having this problem, and I can’t find any documentation on what the error means. Did the same file has already been uploaded, the path has already been used or is the path/content actually invalid for some reason?

you are having that error now for any file that you try to upload?
did you try on the docs interface too?

at that time it was an internal error on our side from what I remember

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I managed to do it!

I wasn’t really understanding what exactly was wrong, so I started to just print everything step by step and got it. I was sending a tuple as the path, that’s why I was getting that, but the message was the exact same from the issue above. Managed to do it yesterday night after somewhat of 86 tries of my script, but I got it in the end, thank you for reaching out!