Upload folder to ipfs wth Moralis SDK

When I searched, I found videos of adding folders to ipfs using moralis api. Is there any example of how I can do this with the moralis sdk?

It may be better to use pinata to upload a folder to ipfs. There is an api function in Moralis sdk to upload a folder to ipfs but it works with relatively small folder sizes.

when you say “relatively small”, how many files?
And I would still like an example of how to do it with the sdk instead of the api.

it is the same thing with sdk or with the api, as the sdk calls the api

I think that you can upload a total size of 30-40MB now in a folder on IPFS, I think that you will hit a limit of 64MB of base64 encoded data

I wanted to see an example of the sdk because I couldn’t find the function anywhere in the docs. I stumbled across it almost by accident. Moralis.Web3API.storage.uploadFolder(options)

I hate using HTTP requests, curl etc… sorry, so I was looking for your function which packaged it for me.

In any case, if the size is restricted to 30-40MB, then using it either way is probably no use to me. I want to effectively duplicate the Pinata functionality where you can chose a folder and it uploads the whole lot to one URI. But there doesn’t seem to be a limit on their site… I have uploaded 10,000 images before.

you could use pinata in this case, the parameters should be the same as what you see for the http version, you have there some default parameters for test in web3api interface

usually you can upload the images to different IPFS paths and the metadata in same folder

I cant use Pinata… it’s not for ME to upload files, I want to let clients on my website do uploads.

you could propose on roadmap.moralis.io to have the possibility to upload bigger sizes of data to IPFS in a folder