Updating token URI

I have an updatable NFT, but after updating the token_uri Moralis still returns the old URI. (It’s been a few days now)
I tried to add a URI even to the contract and even use the moralis sync for that event, but none of that worked.
Any ideas?

Contract: “0x9e91a8ddf365622771312bd859a2b0063097ad34”
token: 1

we don’t refresh that metadata too often now

you could fetch the data from the token_uri if you need that metadata in your application


But I’m getting the wrong token uri.

Is there a way to maybe trigger an update manually?

I don’t think that we have now that functionality to trigger an update manually

Yea Moralis is not currently supporting updatable metadata - we will add an endpoint to refresh metadata soon for individual tokens

That’s great, thanks! :sunglasses:

Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata