Update the SDK?

Hey guys Iโ€™m unsure how to update the sdk, I get this in the console:

โ€œYou are not using the latest version of the SDK. Please update it as soon as possible to enjoy the newest features. Most recent version: 0.0.182โ€

You can ignore that for now, it is something that we have to fix.

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Sounds good thanks for the quick feedback !

Hello cryptoKid! (This is my first post :wink:
regarding this problem, i have noticed that the SDK URL โ€œhttps://unpkg.com/moralis/dist/moralis.jsโ€ redirects to โ€œhttps://unpkg.com/moralis**@0.0.182**/dist/moralis.jsโ€.

So, in my index.html i set this second URL instead as:

but nothing changes. But letโ€™s wait if itโ€™s not a big issue.

regarding my previous post, in the URL i provided, you should skip the 2 times โ€œ**โ€.
I wanted to put โ€œ@0.0.182โ€ in bold but it failed. As if the the html stuff was not working in this CMS. I also see that 1 line for a script has been skipped. Wow!! I will know for next time. Maybe due to script injection security. One more time: Iโ€™m totally new here :wink:

you can ignore that message with not having the latest version, you have the latest version, the code doesnโ€™t know that

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