Update Moralis SDK

Hi guys,
I see that most of problems can be solved by updating the SDK;
in my example, I used to have to npm uninstall moralis, then react moralis… then install them again… some thing else? what is the best syntax?
Can some one pls give a best practice for this boring work?

can you specify what problems are you having? there are definitely updates on the SDK regularly so when you installmoralis or react-moralis to your package.json. However, it’s not necessary to uninstall and re-install it all the time. Please specify your issue next time~

should I uninstall moralis? before reinstalling? should react - moralis should also be reinstalled each time? Is there a batch file to make this easier?

I am not sure I am getting what you mean or why you do install uninstall reinstall the packages. If you would like to update the packages, simply

// NPM
npm i [email protected] [email protected]

// Yarn
yarn add [email protected] [email protected]

and it will update the package. No need uninstall reinstall. Also if you just reinstall, it’s like you’re going back to the point where you installed the package before. I don’t think it’ll make any difference.

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thanks. that would be helpful for many peoples.

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