Update Data in C#

Hi! I already created data for player using C# and Unity, bu i also have troubles with it, help please.
Also, i need ti update data info from data base and get it, can i do it using obly C#? If no, then how should i connect unity game with js file?
`public class PlayerData : MoralisObject
public int speed { get; set; }
public int HP { get; set; }
public int capacity { get; set; }
public int fuel { get; set; }
public PlayerData() : base(“PlayerData”) {}
public class Data : MonoBehaviour {

private async void CreateData()
PlayerData createPlayer = MoralisInterface.GetClient().Create(); // I have problem here, with generics
createPlayer.speed = 600;
createPlayer.HP = 1000;
createPlayer.capacity = 15;
createPlayer.fuel = 100;
await createPlayer.SaveAsync();
catch(Exception e) {
print("Error " + e);

I don’t know the exact C# syntax, I’m thinking that you could make a cloud function and call that cloud function, and in that cloud function you can write js code directly.

Thnak you, could you tell me where i can find an info about cloud functions and all this?