Unstoppable Domain and Moralis Login integration

I am trying to create a login setup in my dapp, using unstoppable domain login. My entire app architecture is using moralis for login, smart contract call etc, but with moralis’ own metamask login.
For unstoppable domain login, I am using their login tools. On confirming the login with the help of metamask, unstoppable returns an auth token. Is there any way to use this auth token directly with moralis. Otherwise, the only other way to get the app working seems to be logging again the user from moralis, after the web3 provider gets injected.

I don’t know now of a login support in Moralis with that auth token from unstoppable.
How can you use that token, or how can you validate it?

The token returned is similar to JWT in web2. So any option to use that for authentication with moralis.

You can use cloud functions for this