Unkown errors while importing moralis to unity

Hello ,
first i want to thank you for the amazing job you are doing !
I’m currently working on a unity project and i want to integrate blockchain, !
when i import moralis i get all these errors that i didn’t see popping tutorials !
i tried it on unity 2019.4.30f1 and unity 2020.3.20f1 !
Can you help me ?
best regards

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Interesting , i have seen this to be a problem, you may have had two same name of the same class, this is cause by starting a project and then making codes with the same class name as the one in the sdkl and then importing the sdk later on.
to fix this try to create an empty project, import the sdk and then build off that, so you do not duplicate class name and hope you have allow unsafe code checked on ?

hey there , thanks for the interaction i just check the unsafe code and its still persisting , and for the project its still new , with only 2 classes , I’ll try with a new one tho !!
do u have any other solution ?

well those might be the only possibility for that problem, so i dont really have another solution

@Habeeb are you still having an issue?

Looking at the error and the code it is pointing to I suspect you are using an older version of Unity and so an older version of .NET

The code is built for minimum of C# 8.0. Looks like your project is referencing an older version.

Can you upgrade your project to at least Unity 2020.3.26?