Unity web3 sdk sell metaverse item

Hello, we have completed the login with the metamask approval on mobile using unity web3 sdk, thanks to the youtube tutorial (https://youtu.be/LSqCw3f3i9U). We want to buy objects in the metaverse with the same metamask approval system (ie, if the user approves the payment with the metamask, the desired object should become available when he/she returns). can you help me? thanks.

where do you have problems now? what does work?

I already stated in my question what it is, we did mobile login with unity web3 sdk by following the tutorial, but you don’t have any tutorial for the purchasing system for unity mobile sdk with metamask wallet connection, where can I find it?

To achieve this, you may need to like pair the object to the smart contract
cause you may not be able to keep track of the object, but you can make it that when the user click on the game object, it call a transaction to buy it, you can pair an NFT to that game object, so the user will be purchasing an NFT and acquiring it, something like the demo scene (claimable mug)

dont forget to take a look at the docs in case if you get stuck (https://docs.moralis.io)
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@0xprof First of all, thank you very much for your reply, you mentioned the contract for nft, do you have any contract samples compatible with moralis service, I also scanned your youtube channel but I could not find any video on this subject, if I missed it, I would be very happy if you share the sample video. Thanks again.

Well, moralis is compatible with any type of smart contract written in solidity currently (this may be expanded upon), yes there might not a a video for this particular thing, but they are videos about making and customising an NFT contract and you can integrate it easily with just the contract abi and address, and there might not a a specific video on like mapping an nft to a gameobject in unity (or to represent a game object), but this can be done (it might take some time to figure out), but you can start but taking a look at the demo scene and the boilerplate, you can find everything there

@0xprof I just saw that this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBmaji1E2LY) is planned for April 9th, I think probably exactly the features I want will be included in this tutorial, thank you moralis team.

if you complete the project you get a moralis buidler nft

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