Unity SDK + Phantom for Solana user authentication

Hey there, needing some help getting the Unity SDK triggering a Phantom user auth modal instead of Metamask.

I’m able to use the vanilla JS docs to get it working correctly, I’m able to get the Unity SDK integrated into our project successfully but only for Metamask. Could someone point me in the right direction? Does the Unity SDK natively support user auth with Phantom?

Also interested in if the QA code scanning option is available for Phatom for user auth in the event that we wanted to go with a downloadable game install instead of WebGL.


Have you tried using WalletConnect to go through to Phantom Wallet?

I looked into it but it looked like WalletConnect doesn’t have Phantom as an option.

You’ll have to look at implementing it directly e.g. Extension & Mobile Browser - Phantom Developer Docs

It’s integrated with Moralis, I’m just looking to see if the Unity SDK has a way of interacting with it without me needing to code my own .jslib files.


The JS SDK is different. I didn’t find a mention of that integration in the Unity boilerplate or docs but it possibly exists. You can post on the Moralis Discord in the #game-dev channel as well.

Tried that too and crickets for two days. I’ll just make my own uniity connector with the vanilla JS SDK.

Probably your best option at this stage yes or use the window.solana methods.